Can you find the lessons in these stories?

Our ‘StoryTime’ project aims to tell short stories, with life lessons for young children. A key principle in this project is #Representation.

We aim to display a wide variety of races and ethnicities through our work.

We introduced this on our socials in 2020, with 1 animated story, ‘The Bus’. All our stories were meant to be animated, but for now we’re building a series of storyboards — with animation to follow!

Check out ‘Storytime’ on our website!

Link: Storytime | iEMPOW3R

Storytime is one of many iEMPOW3R Publishing initiatives, alongside our iJournal and iGEN projects!

We love building content for our platform, and look forward to sharing more throughout the year.

[with translation on the way!]

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iEMPOW3R 20:20

iEMPOW3R 20:20

We’re a community and digital hub that seeks to BUILD, UPLIFT, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER people from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds 💡